My current practice contemplates the ancient symbolic circle and its capacity to transmit a non-verbal experience. The repetition of the traditional zen circle, the enso, can allow the emergence of pre conscious information connecting physics to elemental planetary forces.

'l think therefore I am'. Descartes' most famous quote. This work is about quite the opposite; I am, because I do not think. Meaning, I am aware. therefore I am.

The door to awareness can be the senses, and the most simple gestures will allow entry to an experience of consciousness. All the pieces in this series are based on the most elemental gesture, that of making a mark. This act is then repeated consistently, without measurement, until it becomes a visible rhythm. Patterns seem to forrn and develop autonomously as the marks arrive on the surface of the paper. At times the dots can appear to carry a number of narratives, such as distant stars. various types of cells, architectural plans, references to the open book and individual pages of text. This information is not intended. but a coincidence determined by the materials. Handmade paper is the primary material used, it is particularly sensitive to moisture. either in the atmosphere or on the surface and significantly impacts the results of the drawing. This ambiguity combines with each dot. as it is made, moment by moment, allowing the work to function as a mediation. Because the individual marks are in proximity they create, and become part of a field. Each dot is submerged within the field and essential to it, yet paradoxically separate. By recording their impulses and repeatedly sensing the space between each mark, a contemplative dimension can arrive and be available to the viewer.

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