As Above So Below II

This exhibition will mark the season of Lent and is a departure from more familiar Good Friday traditions. Here my references to the Christian story are distilled and contemporary. The installation draws inspiration from Buddhism as well as mystical Christianity. The pieces are monochromatic and focus on the circle as potent symbol. The work is not decorative but invites contemplation. I evoke the numinous through meditative ink drawings.

It was a bold move for the church and Rev. Meagan Crosby Shearer to renovate the chapel into a gallery but from the community response of more than a hundred people attending the artist talks at Gallery openings it’s a welcome addition to Victoria’s exhibition venues.

Overt Christian themes are not requested but instead the work of artists who rely on some aspect of their own spiritual practice for inspiration.

I feel this criteria applies to my work. Years of Zen study led to the practice of spontaneously painted ink circles which have now come to include Christian symbology. In this installation, ‘As Above So Below II’, the work walks a line where symbolism and abstraction intersect. It offers a re-boot, if you will, on the observance of Lent.

- Roberta Pyx Sutherland

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