King Anderson

Canadian archivist

"In Sutherland's paintings a meditative silence, a vulnerability and a stillness allows one to enter and explore visual meaning. Besides reflecting the landscape and the world outside, they are about the reality that lies within human beings. Hers is an art that doesn't stop at the retina, but enters the mind.

"Sutherland works with the power and forces of nature when certain collage materials are left to weather and age outdoors. These are integrated into sensuous colour schemes so that deep abstract and richly textured forms are realized as meaningful.

"The evolution of Sutherland's paintings, as well as her personal journey, have been in response to her travels around the world and to encounters with a wealth of images and ideas. Many points of view contribute to the finished mixed-media paint-scapes: Buddhism, aerial views of the land, the symbology of mapmaking, satellite images of the planet, archetypal symbols out of human history, and subtle depictions of the underlying mystery.

"This has created much depth, and a realization of the spirit pervading all things everywhere."