Artist Profile by Anne Hansen

James Bay Beacon


"When I visited Roberta Pyx Sutherland in her James Bay home, she was getting ready for a trip to Algonquin Park in Ontario, stomping ground of the legendary Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven artists. She was also preparing to be part of an annual exhibition at the Nouveau Vallon in Geneva, Switzerland, in September 2012. In this show, she is collaborating with Sylviane Dupuis, a poet and playwright.

Roberta Pyx Sutherland grew up on the west coast and studied art in Canada and England. She is captivated by satellite photography, the grandeur of landform and its evolution. For her, "The exploration into sustainability which began many years ago continues, recycled materials are still incorporated. The subject, all of nature, including ourselves, as a unified whole remains the focus."

She has shown her nature-inspired art in numerous galleries in Canada, the USA, Mexico and Switzerland. She lives and works in Victoria, and on Hornby Island.

Pyx feels most at home with charcoal and ink, handmade papers and natural earth pigments. "The closer to the earth, the better," she says. One of her biggest challenges is finding enough time to deal with contemporary technology, which demands that the artist navigate digital media, which can be very time-consuming. Pyx always knew she was an artist, it was never a matter of "deciding" to become one."